International musical educational and production center «From the first note to the tour»

International musical educational and production center "From the first note to the tour"

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Passing on your experience and knowledge to the younger generation is the bounden duty of every musician…

David Oistrakh

Upbringing and support of the coming generation of musicians, whose professional education and fondness for classical music and art will become an example for future generations and will give the people the opportunity to experience “the meaningful, the good, the eternal … “To try to enrich and form a harmonious inner world of people through high performance examples of classical repertoire, uniting them regardless of their nationality and faith.


Belugin Fedor


Belugina Maria


Austrich Daniel


Baranov Andrey


Osminin Alexander


Shvyreva Marina


Lemberg Sofya

Solfeggio, Theory of Music

Soloists of the FVA

Music contests, the internet, television, as well as modern teaching methods based on educational mainstream, deliver art to the masses — making it accessible to many people, which is very important and necessary. However, it has a detrimental effect on revealing and opening up the individuality of every musician, and on the quality of the propagated art as a whole. To understand, uncover and maximally support the individuality of every child, giving him the opportunity to come into his own identity is one of the main tasks of the “Forge of Violin Artistry”.

Matvey Blumin


Anastasia Belugina


Timofey Blumin


Nikita Senko


Anton Hgulev


Online lessons

Thanks to the modern video communication technologies based on the UDC Cloud universal modular platform, the “Forge of Violin Artistry” is able to give high-quality classes online and offline. Start your journey to learning and mastering the secrets of violin musicianship from your home!




Forge of Violin Artistry

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